Testimonials From Our Clients

New Zealand Marine Logistics aim to be the best local team in vessel turnaround. Some of our clients have been kind enough to write us a testimonial.

Peter B - Commercial Manager

"Glenn maintained the highest standards of health and safety and employee engagement, always making sure that his staff were on-board with changes he made. He demonstrated the ability to attract new business to the facility and was well-regarded by all our external customers. Glenn's calm manner and thoughtful approach underpinned his relationship with staff and clients."

Philip Smith - Director, Northland Deepwater

"I’ve been working with Glenn over the last two years and continue to work with Glenn through NZML. In my experience Glenn has always been excellent to work with. He has a pragmatic and hands-on approach and has always been careful to ensure that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  I’ve found that Glenn works well with a wide range of people and personalities and with people from a wide range of cultures – that’s very important in our industry.  Glenn is also very aware of the health and safety requirements in this business and has been very helpful to us in this regard.

Ours is a relatively small industry in New Zealand so word of mouth is important.  I have yet to hear any complaints about Glenn’s way of working or his character. Glenn was recommended to us in the first instance, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glenn to others."

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